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MCN Performance LLC | Salt Lake City, UT

Meet Dan Bigelow

Dan Bigelow is Director of Business Development at Sandler Training Utah. Dan brings with him a unique passion and drive for success, which he strives to pass along to his clients every day. He is an expert in sales processes and management, leveraging his extensive sales experience with invaluable training and knowledge to provide clients with the real-world results.

With over 10 years of sales experience, Dan has a diverse background in a variety of sales practices and industries. Prior to working with Sandler, Dan spent three years as a top-performing sales representative for Paychex, Inc. He also gained vital experience working as a sales representative in business, door-to-door and phone sales industries for over 6 years while consistently reaching and exceeding goals and quotas. Dan received his B.S. in Public Relations and a certificate in Leadership Development at Utah Valley University in 2009.

He currently leads Sandler Sales Training’s business development efforts, while also serving as a certified Sandler Sales Trainer to a wide range of clients throughout the Wasatch Front.